how come spanish people can’t speak mexican?

and mexican people cant speak spanish
what the hell? it’s not like theirs differant versions of english!
ebonics died away so dont even go there haha
first off there is a differance you idiots if youd ever even traveled out side of your mamma’s house youd know that
they are both called spanish
but the spanrids speeak "spanish" and the mexicans speak "mexican"
it is spanish but not if you had the two of them in a room together the conversation wouldnt make it that far at all so who has an real explation for why these are so differant!
im 1/2 american and 1/2 english (like right off the boat english) so to me cockeny sounds just fine to me as well as the scots and irish they still use the same words it’s like with the spanish thing it completely differant
fair enough i mean i was asking for some pot…..mota…. moto somthing like that
haha it was easier getting it there than japan!

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