What’s the best program for teaching my small children Latin American Spanish?

I bought the Muzzy Spanish learning set and was VERY dissapointed. My kids liked watching it, but I didn’t like the story line at all!! Has anyone else watched it and thought the same thing? I don’t want my 3 and 4 yo to learn how to say "I hate him!" or "I hate work!" in Spanish. I don’t even want them to learn to say that in English! And what’s with the whole thing with Corvax kidnaping Silvia"s baby to raise her up to mary him? Anyone else find that disturbing? The only part I did like was the vocabulary builder. That was pretty cool!

My kids didn’t like the games on the cd-rom at all, and they usually love playing computer games.

Is there anyone out there who has used something they loved and would pass it on? I would like it to be Latin American if possible. Thanks so much!!!!

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