What is the most common word for "computer" in Latin American Spanish? "Computadora" or "Ordenador"?

I’m copyediting the Closed Captioning of a math video, to wit, the Spanish-translated text for a math video.

The translator wrote "computador" (without the "a" at the end), but the dictionary shows "ordenador"–which is used mainly in Spain, I think.

However, the video makers are catering to the Spanish-speaking students of the US and Caribbean. They have instructed us not to "overcorrect" with textbook "Spain-Spanish" terms. We have to use the regional words of Mexico, US-raised Spanish-speaking students from Puerto Rico, Dominican republic, etc. My cousins in México use "computadora." But is that what Puerto Ricans and Dominicans use predominantly too? I’ve never heard my cousins say "ordenador," nor did any of my Caribbean-Spanish speaking students in Boston (where the video is made) ever use that word. Any advice?

I had fun correcting "peas" in a video once–everybody had a different word for it. I wound up using the Spain-Spanish word "guisantes" for it!

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