Can you please clarify my confusion as to when Spanish Mexico became Mexican Mexico?


This boils down to 5 key questions for me:

1] When and how did conquering Spaniards in indigenously-populated Mexico become "Mexicans?"

2] When did Spanish control of New Spain/Mexico cede to and come under Mexican control?

3] Was this (#2 above) when Mexico became a formal Mexican nation—and no longer a colony of Spain?

4] Was it mostly Spaniards—or later day Mexicans—who originally explored and/or settled areas north of the present border between Mexico and the U.S.?

5] When did Spanish authority/control of present U.S. territory as defined then through land grants, etc—fall under Mexican authority/control?

The dates and circumstances of these 5 particular events would be very much appreciated—as well as the resources.

Thank you muchly.

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