Why do Mexican people call themselves spanish when they are 99 percent amerindian?

I find it very funny when Mexican people claim they are spanish. If you ever go to Spain you will notice that Spanish people have much much much more in common with those hated gringoes than ANY mexican. Why dont they just come out and call themselves native american? Because they are more native american than most if not all native american tribes in the United states.

A well traveled man.
All I am saying is that Spanish people and culture is very very very different to Mexican people and Culture. Its like calling haitians french, it makes no sense.
Pepe those 60 percent mestizos are like 95 percent amerindian. and those 10 percent "spanish" are like 50 percent amerindian
If you EVER GO TO SPAIN, the people are much much closer to "gringoes".
Mexicana your analogy is 100 percent wrong. Mexicans are to Spaniards as Haitians are to French. GO TO SPAIN and you will see what I mean, everyone is gringo.

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