Speak Spanish?

Can you please translate this for me? Can you use the more "formal" version, like vosotros? Preferably with the corrrect accents and spelling to get the best answer points! Thanks!

I lost my bag during the performance of "Cut Copy" on Saturday around
12:30am – it was a blue bag by "Jack Spade" that I was wearing on my
shoulder. I either put it down or someone took it off my shoulder.

Inside it was a minidisk recorder, microphone, headphones, Canon Camera.

I am a Radio Reporter so I NEED the MINIDISK and Camera CARD more than
anything else since it has very important interviews on it that I did
with the bands… and without the disk I have lost all the interviews.
IF you stole the bag you can keep everything else… I just want the

If you FOUND the bag and will return all the contents, I will give you
a big reward, probably worth more than what you would receive by
selling the equipment in Spain. Please email me at

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