Do you think it's a big deal if a mexican-american don't speak spanish?

I always use the term mexican-american for myself because I can’t just say mexican because I’m not from Mexico. I can’t say just American because in everyones eyes that means Anglo. I am a 5th gen. American on my mothers side and on my fathers side we can trace back 8 gen. here in Cali, back to the Mexican-American war days. Everyday I get people talking to me in spanish and when I say I don’t speak spanish they are all surprised and ask a bunch of questions like "why don’t you speak spanish"? and other stupid questions. They act like they are so amazed! Some think I don’t speak it because I don’t like it. It’s annoying sometimes-they are so ignorant. If I knew it I would speak it but I don’t and if I wanted to right now I’m sure I could take classes and learn but it’s not a main focus in my life right now. Some will say – You turned your back on your culture and crap but I’m proud to be chicano and know my history. Why is it only hispanics who make a big deal of his. Other races don’t

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