If Mexicans are so happy to be in the United States, why do they display their Mexican flag and not speak Eng?

They always say that they came here to get away from the awful place that is Mexico. Yet, on many cars and vans, they have big Mexico flags on the windows and mirrors. If you feel proud to display your Mexican flag, then why not stay in Mexico and try to improve a country that is falling apart. Instead, the illegals come here in our country, yet walk around speaking Spanish and show no effort whatsoever in fitting in the American society. Doesn’t this seem hypocritical? If I were a Mexican, I would try and repair my country, not just for my sake, but for my kids and their kids sake. BUT, if I did decide to break the law and come to America, I certainly would try to fit in and adapt to a new culture. I would retain my own personal heritage, but at the same time, be determined to be a "real" American.

Does anyone else agree?
Okay, technically speaking, they were here first. But, when we came over across the ocean, there were no immgration laws. AND, we didn’t come over here and mooch off their system and economy.

This argument has no legs.

If you’re so proud of your country, why leave it?
Musica-You make a good point. But I feel there is a difference in Irish, Italian, German people. For the most part, they have come over LEGALLY, and have learned the English language. They try to fit in. The reason I’m singling out Mexicans is because they are here in the millions…by far the greatest number. And, most are here illegally.

First let me reply by commending you on your service to our country. I was in the Navy for 4 years, and did two tours to Iraq.

Now on to your argument. You say that my question is idiotic? I do admit that what I was trying to ask didn’t exactly appear in the little space they leave you for your question. My problem is Mexican that come over to America, illegally. Some come over and learn English and try and fit in. But the majority of them do not. The reason they leave Mexico and risk their lives is because Mexico is not a great place to live. To them, America is a great place to live, so they come, legally or illegally. For the ones that come legally, I respect a great deal. For the others, I have no respect for. If I were to move to Japan, would it be fair for me to ask that everyone there learn English so it would be easier on me? Of course not…but that is exactly what the Mexicans are doing. That is disrespectful to this country that they love? Press 2 for Spanish

I have no problem with people being proud of where they come from. But if you’re proud of it, why risk life to leave that country? And then to shove the Mexica flag and Spanish language down our throats…how can anyone in their right mind think that’s okay? This is America, not Mexico. We speak English here, not Spanish. And yes "justme", there are millions and millions of illegall Mexicans in this country. Many of them are commiting crimes and going unpunished. Why? Because there are no records of htem because they’re undocumented. What would become of me if I snuck into Mexico, put a big USA flag on the back windshield of my truck. Had USA flags all over my house. I walked around not understanding anyone because I wanted to speak my language. Do you think the Mexican people would help me and give me the "press 2 for English" option? Absolutely NOT.

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