How do I say "Speak English, or don't speak to me." in Spanish?

I live near Miami, and the majority of the population either speaks spanish, is rude, or speaks rude spanish lol. I just want to be able to say this to them to get my point accross! (they came here from ‘wherever’ because it’s better, but refuse to learn the language?!?!?!)
Go read this, you’ll see why it p*isses me off.

And "bella" and "come break me down", you’re both idiots. There are Immigration laws for a Reason.

You’re one of the people I’m upset with. Yes, I realize I’m in miami and that I’m the minority here, but you fail to get it through your obviously brick-thick skull that Miami is a part of the UNITED STATES, in which ENGLISH is the national language. Would you move to Germany and expect it’s residents to cater to your language deficiency? I think not.

I’d really love for you to read my blog (link above). And feel free to spout some more horse-s*hit at it. I won’t even waste my time deleting it. I’d like eveyrone who reads it to see the fault in your reasoning.

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