Why is it that people assume that you should speak Spanish in Texas?

I have no problem with being bilingual. Spanish is not my 2nd language. There are people that were born right here in Houston that only speak spanish, and then to demand that I learn to speak spanish??!!

In what world does that make sense?
Just because I live near the border is no excuse for people that live in the US not to speak english. I lived in Germany for years, and I made a very diligent effort to speak German. Might not have been perfect, but I tried.

I work in the medical field and we hear it all the time.
I reiterate what I said before. Living on the border is no excuse. You do not see the same problem in the northern states. When was the last time anyone was in North Dakota and had a problem with language? Or Minnesota It was heavily populated with French. (Well the majority of the setlers were french at one time.)
If it being the case of the immigrants that settled to area. Every state would speak a different language.

English must be the accepted language of the country.
1. europeans that immagrated 100 years ago were told to learn english.
2. In the military it is punishable for 2 or more soldiers to be speaking something other than english infront of another serviveman. The 3rd party may have to take offense. I’m not sure. I do know that english is the spoken and written language in our government.

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