How is this possible? They were speaking Spanish, which I do not speak, but I heard them in english?

I want to see if this is common & why?

Some background. As babies, my brothers and I had a Spanish speaking, live-in Nanny for 3 years. I do not speak, & have not studied Spanish. I cannot participate in spanish conversations. I doubt our Nanny was teaching babies extensive Spanish 🙂 though she had pet names etc.

Years ago I worked with Hispanic coworkers who spoke Spanish & English. One day we were rushing through a project & though distracted, I responded to a joke one of the guys was telling. Everyone stopped & said "You understood that?" I had been focusing on our task, but heard the joke in English (& responded in English). They insisted he told the joke in Spanish

The 2nd time this happened I was being robbed. I was with 2 friends & we were held up at gunpoint. I was in shock but I heard the robbers say ‘give me the keys" repeatedly. To this day my friends say they were speaking Spanish but I heard English

Anyone have similar experiences and know exactly why?

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