10 POINTS!!! Translate these phrases into Spanish (Latin American/Mexican)?

Please translate these phrases into spanish. Must be fluent and/or a resident of one of those countries. You DON’T have to translate all of them. No american spanish 3 students or crap like that. 10 points for proper answer (i’m not completely spanish illiterate so don’t put stupid cuss words and stuff like that. (Latin American/Mexican Spanish only) Any other quotes in spanish (w/ english translation would be nice too. Thanks!!

"Am I boring to talk to?"

"Is it wrong for something good to happen in my life?"

"I would tell her that I love her, but I’m afraid she wouldn’t feel the same way…"

"Life isn’t worth living if you live it by yourself"

"Sometimes it seems that people don’t take relationships as serious as I do…"

"In a mad world only the mad are sane, so why would I care what you think?"
Since Samantha decided to go off in a Spanish rant (actually I can pick out about half the words you’re saying, including the cussing), I will clarify. This is not for hw and this is not for my gf. This is for one of my friends whose gf just broke up with him and died in a car accident yesterday. That’s why I was so strict about the rules and crap. Happy now?

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