How can I give a newly immigrated Mexican boy something without offending?

A first generation immigrant Mexican family has moved into my neighborhood. Mom and Dad speak almost no English, and their 12 year old son speaks very little. Their financial situation doesn’t allow for things like bookbags for the kids or a coat for Mom. My family has so much extra stuff, including coats never worn and bookbags never carried. I take their kids to school everyday with all the other kids I take, and Mom makes us homemade tamales. They are a lovely family, and even though we have a language barrier, we’ve managed to find ways to communicate and I don’t want to damage this new relationship between our families. How can I give them things without offending them? I’m sure their Mexican Pride is just as great as my Southern Pride and I’d rather give people I know things they can use rather than just take them to the Sally. Any help? Thanks.
This family is here LEGALLY, and it wouldn’t matter to me either way. AND if you’re gonna be mean, just move on without answering.

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