Why do some people think Mexican is a language? and why do some people think all Spaniards speak Spanish?

funny, isn’t it?? Mexicans never had their own language, they speak Spanish, but sometimes my friends see some Latinos talking to each other in Spanish and then they whisper "listen, isn’t it Mexican? It sounds like they speak Mexican. They look like they are Mexican." And I was like "Is Mexican a language???"

my other question is why do some people think all Spaniards speak Spanish?
I have no idea. Once me and a friend were talking with a tourist and at the end we asked him "were are you from?" he said he was from Spain, and my friend automatically said "oh, we study Spanish at school" yes we do but not all Spaniards speak Spanish,…my friend tried to say some words but the man didn’t understand anyways because he speaks Gallego "I speak Gallego, not Spanish".

Hahah it was funny because my friend didn’t understand a f***

in Spain people speak Castilian (what we call Spanish), or Catalan, Gallego, Euskera, etc.

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