im 100% american and would like to be able to speak spanish like native mexicans… how long will it take?!?!?

i just enrolled in spanish 1 so that will help some but i would like to be able to speak pretty fluently in spanish. how long do you think this will take? i am very determined but i dont have 7+ hours a day to study it. i have anywhere from 1-4 hours a day depending on the day. like i said, im 100% american and only speak english. i do know some spanish words and stuff but not many; probably less than 10. also, if anyone is a spanish teacher, is mexican, speaks fluent spanish, etc please tell me how long you think it will take. and also, if you dont mind helping me every now and then, please leave your email address. i will never contact you unless its about spanish and even then it will only be small questions like what does this mean, how do you say this sentence in spanish, etc…

thanks a lot!

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