Why do people assume that everyone that speaks Spanish is Mexican?

I am not Mexican, and don’t look like one. I have learned to say I am, because it’s just a name. So my question is, why can’t we just live without a color code name and without a voice label, what is the big issue to that? As if it is a crime to be breathing here on this earth and have a label on ourselves. For all us grown up’s, if we want a better world, let’s all educate ourselves before we bring chidren into this world, and create a bad system for them. After all, children learn what they see and hear at home. I see ourselves in our children, because many have a failure system set up for tomorrows generation. If I am wrong, I am sorry. It’s everywhere we see the wrong doing of generation’s passed on from ignorance. Break out of the old into the new, and let’s just become better citizens, and stop acting superior when your just another number.

The result in our system unfolds when our children are in trouble for what has been passed on to them, because they look up to us.
Please no rude comments, no need for that. I am a very powerful voice in the city I live in, with certificates of recognition…
Oh wow, fallen system. I didnt say I was better, oh how quick are we to judge. I could care less. I think it is rude to assume what you don’t have fact’s on and rude. Children are growing up with hate because of color codes and beaten for speaking a different language.

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