What is a good book or program to learn real Latin american spanish?

Hello i am looking to brush up on my Spanish, i know probably about as much as someone whos had a year or so of Spanish in school. Except my Spanish knowledge is in Latin American Spanish. Ive shown some latino friends some of the books that my Nephews brought home from school and they were almost shaking their heads at this material because the Spanish that the Spanish speak is different from that of Latin american countries, i suppose the same way that English in England is different then English here in the States. So this peeked my interest in brushing up on my own Spanish and helping my nephews learn some Spanish that would have real use in America. Ive looked at Rosetta stone from the library and it seems good but it teaches just words mostly from what i saw (egg, horse, boat etc). I looked at something called Fluenz i think and that taught more useful phrases and how to put sentences together. But those are 0+ and i dont think you could even resell them once you get a grasp of what they offer. But is there anything else? Ive seen a couple of books on the subject but most look like they teach what i call Spanish Spanish, and not Latin American Spanish. Are there any good programs, CDs, or Books that would help someone learn Latin American Spanish? Or at least get a good foundation? Your help is appreciated, thanks!
From every latin american student ive ever spoken to in school when i was there, there is spanish spanish and then there is Spanish for the other countries in Latin America. Which has there own terms, accents, indigenous differences and more. So the difference in languages should be obvious considering the history the Latin American people have had with Spain. Or did you not know that Dart?

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