Why is it wrong for WHITE PEOPLE to speak out?

I have seen Mexican nationals who are illegally in the U.S. quite openly shout racist slogans against the majority White population, with little or no reaction from the media.Yet White Americans who want to strengthen border controls against Mexico are denounced as racists.Minorites have their own advocacy groups, history months, radio & t.v. stations, & even their own leaders.White Americans are the ones facing racism with affirmative action denying us jobs, student loans, government contracts & entering certain schools.We are also called racists if we are proud of our culture.I think that some people believe that America’s racist history against blacks justifies being angry at or hating white people.Sadly, White people have been repressed for so long that most people aren’t willing to speak out about it.Minorities aren’t responsible for the racial quotas system, or any of the double standards against White people.I mostly blame politically correct, guilt-ridden, candy @ss, White liberals.

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