Coming to the US and not learning how to speak English?

I have a real problem and im pretty sure alot of other people might have it to. I agree with having rights here that is why we live in this country. But how can people come to this country and not even try to learn english. Im not just tlaking about latinos im talking about all immigrants. Whether it be polish or mexican or russian. I walked into a store in Chicago recently and couldnt find an address. I asked for help and nobody spoke english everybody just spole polish and it drove me crazy. They all looked at me like I was crazy and didnt belong there.
You can live a decent life functioning here in the States unless you learn the language.
My mother come from Mexico legally and struggled to learn english because she knew she had to in order to be successful.
Like Governer Schwarenegger said, and i totally agree. If you want to learn english you have to turn off the spanish language channels.
Input please?
For you viva la raza people, i am not segregating just the latinos so shove that La Raza Cochinada where the sun dont shine. Of course im not tlaking about people that just got here either. Dont be stupid im not expecting them to learn over night. DUH. Im talking about people who come here and live here and dont even try to learn and belevie they dont have to. My grandmother was like this.
If you love La Raza so much help our own people to get better and become more successful. And not live in ignorance and poverty. You cannot be a success in this country without learning english.
and the chick with the name
Mexicans are the best
is a troll.

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