Mexican speaking Japanese. does he sound fluent or does he have a strong accent somewhere?

I am a Mexican, trying to learn Japanese. I have been studying for the past 5 or 6 months now. I know and understand a lot. I understand the basic gist of the video, but I still have trouble forming my sentences. I find the Japanese pronounciation very easy, but I am wondering if spanish speaking people have a noticeable accent when speaking Japanese. (Japanese people have a bit of an accent when speaking spanish btw, especially that they mix the l’s and r’s and stress some words incorrectly.)

I cant help but stress my words incorrectly sometimes like when i speak spanish. i also roll my r’s to much. i didnt know quite how to phrase this question, but just what would i sound like with a light spanish accent? is it exotic, or difficult to understand? what connotations come with it, if that makes sense. what would you think if you heard me speak japanese?

This is a Mexican speaking Japanese, doing a speech presentation in a class in Japan. (He is a bit more fluent than me though)

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