Spanish Creoles Are Mexican Too?

A lot of us mexicans are descendants of spanish creoles that were born in Mexico since the 1600’s and 1700’s. Father Hidalgo is a Spanish Creole who united the mexicans indians, spanish born mexicans and mulattos(mestizos) to form our country of Mexico and all are categorized as Mexican (Spanish Creole, Mestizos, Indians, and recent europeans, blacks or asian immigrants).

People in these yahoo posts argue as to what were suppose to look like. They watch the telenovelas and ask why are there only white mexicans?? There are dark mexican actors like Paty Monterola, Angelica Rivera, Fernando Calunga and more. But they are good looking and they overlook them.

I don’t like it when people argue as to what are we suppose to look like and make stereotypes. I find myself having to explain what we are suppose to look like.

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