Why do americans think that spanish speaking means mexican?

Im chilean, And im really sick of being called mexican, There’s nothing wrong about being mexican, but im just not from that country, I dont look mexican, but people think that just because I speak spanish Im Mexican, I hate that.
when they ask me where are u from I say chile and they always say something stupid like is that northern or southern mexico?
Why do they classify everyone who speaks spanish as HISPANIC??? an hispanic person can be White,black, mestizo, and even asian! .. I don’t get why americans call themselves europeans, if they are americans… I know that they are of european descent.. but isnt everyone in this continent of european descent?? If a south american or central american calls itself white or european, americans say no you are mexican,,, why are they so stupid? I dont mean to offend anyone but why do americans think the way they do about spanish speaking people?
yeah I agree mexicans are indians IM NOT thats what bother me the most!

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