As an American you must feel proud of your Mexican-Spanish heritage in the South West. Don't you?

When people refer to the U.S.A. as a Culture. That culture is rooted on several other cultures, like the Mormons, the Jews, the Pilgrims, The Dutch, the Germans, the Italians, the Rusians,,,( you name it).
But in the SouthWest were also the Germans, the Portuguese, the Russians, the Armenians, the Irish, the Mexicans, the Spanish colonization was a melting pot as well.
If you hate indigenous people, or poor people , just say it… But don’t mix concepts like Mexican ( Nation ) with racial, ethnic or other issues that are politically incorrect.
Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American U.S Citizens are loyal to the USA, but Proud of their cultural/ethnic/linguistic/heritage.. Do u agree with this?
The South West from Texas to California was rooted on Mexican-Spanish colonies.
Those Colonies are also the history, root, and identity of the USA in the West Coast.

We are America
American Society: Who are they? Think about what I wrote above… then rethink about american Society. Who needs more to assimilate into whom? People on you or you on the people?

We are America
The Social Classes:

Yes indeed… Aztecs exploited Chichimecas. Mexicans exploited Aztecs. Spainsh exploited Mexicans. other were also exploited like the Jews by the Egyptians, the Africans by the New Yorkers, etc…

At least not all countries practiced Slavery.
Cheap labor force is needed, but those cheap labor workers deserve more dignity… and that’s all about. Equal Human and Civil Rights.
Your Culture is my Culture. It is Ours. We created opur Culture together. E Pluribus Unum.

We are America & United We Stand, unless if you have problem with that!
We are. But among US stand Out The Mexicans…. I know many other hispanic minorities like Cubans or Puerto ricans are jealous about that.
But don’t worry U are also Latinos and Hispanos, and you are also Americans, like the Mexican Americans.
We Are.

We are America

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