what is the best way to learn how to speak spanish?

i work in a preschool and i have six spanish speaking children in my classroom, three of the children are bi-linqual they can speak both spanish and english the other three can speak some but i want to learn how to speak spanish b/c i feel that if i am going to be successful at my job as a teacher i need to be able to communicate with all my children and i feel that the hispanic children would feel more comfortable if they knew that when they entered our classroom their was someone who can speak their lanquage. we do not have a translator in the building at all and i think that this is a disservice to the kids in my room…i have tried to listen to spanish tapes but it does not seem to be working i seem to learn more from the children b/c they teach me certain words and phrases in spanish but i want to learn more b/c i feel it is necessary to service not only our children but their families as well….

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