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Wow! This is so easy. Michel Thomas, is such a brilliant teacher. If all teachers were like him there would be no failures in any country’s school system. Unfortunately Michel Thomas is dead now but what he has left behind is so wonderful and inspirational.

In just one hour you can learn over 2,000 words – no, that is not a typo – 2,000 words.

Nearly every English word that ends in ..ent or ..ant is the same in Spanish except you add an extra ‘e’ to the end e.g. brilliante, excelente (yes, slight change in spelling but still the same word basically), superintendente, protestante etc.

And nearly every English word ending in ..ible or ..able is the same e.g. probable, imaginable, possible, incorrigible.

After that first hour of listening to Michel the number of Spanish words you know has suddenly exploded. This gives you so much confidence to continue with your learning. If every hour you can learn that many words, it will only take a few hours to be able to speak fairly fluently. It also gives you the confidence to try a word even if you do not know it. You get to realise which words could well be the same and you try them out, it either works or the person you are talking to looks at you blankly and you have to try a different one. No harm is done in the process and the Spanish person will appreciate that you have tried.

Michel does not get you to learn by rote, he does not set homework, he does not want you to remember anything, he just wants you to think about what you want to say and work out how it is likely to be in Spanish and try that.

With the knowledge he has given you it does not take long to put together long sentences, in fact, he gets you to do quite a few long ones in the first hour.

It is just a case of breaking everything down into manageable parts and knowing the co-relation with English.

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